Malaysian Industrial Designs Amendement Regulations 2012

The Malaysian Industrial Designs (Amendement) Regulations 2012, coming into force on 15 feb 2012, made some procedural changes, affecting the costs for the applicant.

The main procedural change introduced the requirement of an executed Power of Attorney for all new applications; this change removed the previous procedure permitting multiple applications belonging to the same classification, and reducing the the fee for the second and subsequent application.

Another significant change relates to the certified or verified English translation of any non-English priority document, that has to be clear and accurate to the Registrar’s satisfaction, and submitted within 3 months.

Together with those procedural changes, the new regulations introduce for the first time since 1996 (Malaysian Industrial Designs Act and its Regulations of 1999) a substantial increase of the filing fees, affecting the pockets of a prospective Applicant.