The trademark ‘BOLSHOI THEATRE’ has been designated a well-known mark

Several years ago, the mark of the Moscow State Theatre has been declared well-known.

The words “BOLSHOI THEATRE’ and ‘BOLSHOI’ may only be used with the theatre’s permission.
Moreover, this is not limited merely to Classes 35 and 41, for which the mark has been registered, but includes all classes.
The initiative to declare the mark well-known came mostly from the theatre itself, which is hardly surprising:
the Russian ballet performed in the state theatre is world-famous, so it is desired that the theatre troupe would not be associated with anything else.

Amendments to Hungarian Domain Name Regulations

New domain name regulations entered into force in Hungary on June 1, 2011 with the aim to shorten and simplify the registration procedure.

One of the main amendment concerns the time to object a domain name registration: trademark owners have now eight days (instead of fourteen days as in the old provisions) to object if a third party registers a domain that infringes their rights. Now, all the domain name applications are published online on the webiste of the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers, so that it is easy for trademark owners to find out possible violations.

Opposition procedure in Italy: beginning of a new era

As we had already announced in a previous post on this blog dated 20 March 2010, following the Regulation of 13 January 2010 n. 33 relative to the Code of the Industrial Property, the procedure of trademark opposition entered into force in Italy. This administrative procedure become fully applicable further to the publication on the Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 157 of 08/07/2011 of the executing Decree of the Ministry of the Economic Development which contains the terms, rules, provisions and forms for filing oppositions against national trademark applications in Italy. Continue