Israel changes due to Implementation of Madrid Protocol: New Multi-Class Application

With effect from June 1st, 2010 Israel access to the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks, making the 85th member of the Wipo and the 82nd Member of the Protocol.
Starting from September 1st, 2010 the Israel Trademark Office adopt a multi-class filing and registration system, enabling new applications to be filed in multiple classes, with a reduced official filing fee being applied to each class after the first.
Related changes accompanying implementation of the new multi-class Trademark system:
–    the Trademark Office will allow for unification of several single-class applications, or several single-class registrations, provided that the marks therein are identical and carry the same filing date;
–    the renewal period in Israel will be  reduced from 14 years to 10;
–    a reduced official renewal fee will be applied to each class after the first when renewing a multi-class registration in Israel;
–    the examination period of an Israeli application will be limited to a maximum of 2 years, after which time the application will be deemed to be cancelled unless the Applicant requests to present arguments against cancellation before the Registrar;
–    the Trademark Office will no longer allow changes to be made to registered national marks, and a similar approach will be applied to marks under application albeit that changes to pending marks may be allowed by the Registrar in very exceptional circumstances.