European Patents validated in Morocco: improvement of EPC patent system

EPO and the Ministry for Industry, Commerce and New Technologies of Morocco have signed on December 20, 2010 an agreement for the validation of granted European Patents in Morocco. This agreement is the first one of this kind between EPO and a foreign country.

According to the agreement, applicants could validate their European patent applications and granted European Patents in Morocco, even if it is not a contracting state of the EPC (European Patent Convention). Applications and patents validated in Morocco will have the same legal effects as those in the EPC member states designated by the applicant. The state members of the EPC are currently 40.

This agreement, which will enter into force after the necessary legislation is implemented by the Moroccan parliament, is a clear sign of the EPO’s effort to build a balanced international patent system as well as of the Morocco’s intention to facilitate technology transfer between Europe and Morocco.