Facebook (un)free forever

The recent welcome message of one of the most popular Social Network underlines that the service “is free, and always will be”. With this new slogan Facebook promises users it will never charge for services and dispels rumors that the company would be charging users in the future.

Are we sure that  Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the American young entrepreneur  best known for co- founding the popular Social Network has created a “totally” free services? Continue

Trademarks owners have to protect their trademarks from user names registration on Facebook

The social network Facebook has announced that from June 13th at 12.01 Us time, all users on Facebook may pick a custom user name to use as a profile identity on Facebook. This new user name will substitute the alphanumeric string on the URL for every user profile page.

Facebook users directly choose their name on a first to come first served basis.

Suddenly millions of users will pick a user name; this way if you own trademarks or you represent a tradmark owner you shoud protect your trademark on Facebook by clicking on this link, avoiding the registration by a third party as a Facebook user.