New progress in China’s Protection of intellectual Property Rights

A few days ago, Gao Feng – Deputy Director of the economic crimes investigation bureau at the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China – told a news conference that more than 4,000 people have been arrested since China launched a six-month campaign to boost enforcement of Intellectual Property rights protection in October. The Chinese Government started to produce more concrete actions to fight Intellectual Property violations and also the recent judicial document of the Supreme People’s Court, issued with the Ministry of Public Security to make clearness in the current laws and judicial interpretations, means more attention in the Intellectual Property Rights protection. Continue

China adopts new regulation about special IP Tribunals

On July the 1st, 2009 China’s Supreme People’s Court isuued a new regulation concerning granting and confirmation of patents, trademarks and other intellectual propery rights.

Following this new regulation, the administrative cases concerning grantin of trademarks, patents, integrate circuit layout designs and new plant variety shall be accepted and heard by special IP Tribunals. This regulation is very important and constitutes a great improvement in China’s IP practise. It unifies the hearing of IP related administrative cases which will be heard by more specialized judges who are familiar with both laws and IP practice.

Changes to the PCT procedure in force from July 1, 2009

Several important amendments to the PCT regulations entered into force from July 1, 2009. These amendements include:

– procedure by the receiving offices in cas on an international filing date has been accorded by mistake

– procedure for filling amendements of the claims according to PCT articles 19 and 34 (it is now requested to file a new complete set of claims instead of replacement shears of the amended claims)